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I am not trying to boot a different OS. I am trying to transfer those older 3D designs for use on the newer XP system. The "Add Hardware Wizard" has finished its job. I'm sort of giddy right now because with this gizmo, I have access to "ALL" my system legacy hard drives, all my old dead laptop hard drives, data and programs. navigate here

I open a Windows 2000 "Command Prompt" window and run the command: "PING -t", where you get the DCC-host IP-address from the Details report above. You must establish the DCC connection first before clicking on the shortcut. The Laplink for Wndows 3.11 does actually not function under Windows 98SE, it locks up the 98SE Systems. Connect the key to the other PC and copy said data off the drive onto the computer's hard drive and you're done.Either of the two methods above will be infinitely faster http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000246.htm

Enter the "Computer Name" you assigned for the Host computer. Thanks tons. Enable file sharing a) Decide which is the host and which is the guest computer - the Guest can access the Host but not the other way round. Some adjustments can be made to increase your speed.

  1. If this box is already checked, it is recommended that you uncheck the box and then place the check back in the box to ensure that the complete program is installed
  2. Or, from the Network And Dial-up Connections window in Windows 2000, you'll click Make New Connection.
  3. It's a licensing cost issue for the CAD Programs.
  4. Using Windows Explorer to Access Remote Files and Mount Remote Drives In Windows 95 Explorer click Tools/Find/Computer.
  5. When you see the Select Network Protocol dialog box, choose Microsoft from the Manufacturers list box and IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol from the Network Protocol list box.Connecting to a Windows 9x/Me HostTo connect
  6. h) When Windows asks you for Microsoft Networks Login, I recommend that you leave everything as is and do NOT give it a password, and click OK. 3.
  7. Turn off the legacy system, plug in the appropriate cables and power cable, and voila access to that Hard Drive.
  8. You should see very quickly the "verification of username and password" However, if you get the Error 721, then either the Direct Connection cable is not connected or the DCC host
  9. Additional information How to copy information from one computer to another.
  10. The system will not be able to detect automatically such a connection cable for DCC, so please place the checkmark to "Don't detect my modem, I will select it from a

Full Bio Contact See all of Greg's content × Full Bio Greg Shultz is a freelance Technical Writer. You will have to agree with "YES" to use this. Have checked out numerous Virtual Box solutions such as VM Ware Player, DosBox and others. Once done, click Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications, click on Direct Cable Connection.

Skip to Main Content Search Help Tips Dictionary History Forums Contact You are here: Help > Hardware Help > Serial port Setting up direct cable connection in Windows 95 and 98 Warning: If the check box next to "Dial-Up Networking" is not checked, windows will require its installation. Not all parallel file transfer cables are the same. http://www.computing.net/answers/networking/direct-cable-connect-xp-to-windows-98se/51008.html These types of cables will cost around $8 to $15, and are typically available in 6-foot to 10-foot lengths.Now, if you have a lot of large files to transfer with Direct

In Windows 2000, the Network Connection Wizard jumps right to the Connect Directly To Another Computer option. Consider trying one of the commercial alternatives in the event you just can't get it going. Check the FAQ page! C: drive) and click Properties.

The Direct Cable connection will require TCP/IP addresses, which can be assigned via DHCP (from either a DHCP server on the network or via Automatic IP Address generation from the range Plus, I’m always using the newest Windows operating system as my working platform.Two-way transfer It’s important to keep in mind that even though the Direct Cable Connection utility provides a one-way Unfortunately, he seems to want to avoid my computer questions because of his 70 hr weeks, but will check with him.I just want my legacy data that can't be transferred via Microsoft has updated the rasapi32.dll some time ago to correct problems related in this area.

All rights reserved. Common Set-Up for Both Computers Warning: non-English versions of Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (OSR2) or OEM Service Release version 2.1 (OSR2.1) please read this! So, the cabling is different than connecting the (2) tower systems. All rights reserved.

For example, suppose you bring home a loaner laptop running Windows XP from the office and want to transfer some files to your home system running Windows 98. That's if the software still exists and you can find a laplink cable.3) Alternatively, if it were me, I'd pull one of the drives out of the computer it's in and Then, in the Network Properties dialog box, click the Add button, and double-click the Protocol component. Windows will then install the necessary components so make sure you have your Windows CD handy.

If not or if you don't like that, you may change it to something you want. ThanksCantankerous9 Report • #8 cantankerous9 June 7, 2013 at 19:13:52 Curt R,Again thanks. For these steps to work properly you must have a Null Modem Cable, which can be purchased at a local retail store.

When the connection is ready, both computers should have a "Connected" dialogue box displayed.

It will show you, when the connection is in use. Note #1: The baud rate setting will not take effect until the computer is Restarted. Windows 95 to Windows 95 Direct Cable Connect Setup Instructions A free utility provided with the Windows 95 operating system allows users to share files and printers using an inexpensive cable. My system has already a real modem on COM1, so I define COM2 to be used for the "Communications cable between two computers".

If you click the balloon, you’ll see a Status dialog box like the one shown in Figure M.Figure MYou can use the Status dialog box to monitor your connection.Now that the via USB (Universal System Bus) : Networking via USB cableUSB Ethernet Adapters via Infrared port : Infra-Red Communication via Serial or Parallel cable : Direct Cable Connection When now using these DO THIS PROCEDURE ON THE HOST Dial-In Policy Check (Optional Test/Plus Pack): On the HOST computer, click Acessories/System Tools/System Policy Editor: This program comes on the Windows 95 CD or is Review the setup procedure on both computers and verify that you have indicated the correct ports in the guest/host setup.

Any computer store will have cables especially made and will be called "Windows 95 / direct cable connect" or "interlink" compatable. This should take less than one minute. If the check mark is not apparent next to "Direct Cable Connection," click in the box then select OK. When you see the User Permissions page in Windows XP or the Allowed Users page in Windows 2000, you’ll select the new user account that you created earlier, as shown in

Now, select the Networking tab in the properties dialog box. If you have an ohm-meter you can compare your cable to the schematics listed on the FAQ page. The most trusted on the planet by IT Pros Which is your preferred Help Desk solution? Reboot the machine yourself if Windows doesn't ask. 2.

Heck, you could get real fancy then and buy a NAS and have them store all valuable data on the NAS.This would mean only opening the case once to install said Though some of the software I tried to install that was supposed to be compatible with Windows 98SSE for one such adapter cable, would not install. Read More Windows Server 2012/2008/2003/2000/XP/NT Administrator Knowledge Base Categories Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows NT Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2012 Windows Vista Windows XP Products Software This installation includes:Client for Microsoft NetworksFile and Printer Sharing for Microsoft NetworksNetwork protocolsIn addition, any system configured as a host must have a computer name assigned to it.

The reason is that these older operating systems were designed to use NetBEUI as the default protocol for Direct Cable Connection, so they may not be able to use TCP/IP—Windows XP’s A standard parallel connection is capable of a transfer speed of between 40 KB to 70 KB per second. Configure network settings a) Go to Network Properties under Control Panel and add the following components (you can find them under the manufacturer Microsoft after clicking the Add button): Client = And all for under $16.00.

Make sure you leave the Allow Calling Computer To Specify Its Own IP Address check box blank. Once you close the Connect dialog box, you’ll see the Network Connections window again. Of course that would still be the easiest solution, but newer systems don't have serial ports, and the cable won't work thru docking station adapters.Actually no. I spent the last week fishing.I'm very glad to hear you figured out how to slave the drive.

Launch the "Direct Cable Connect" utility in windows 95 (It is probably in the "Accessories" menu.) Click Change If the port you are using does not appear, click the "Install New